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Enjoying Baths Again             

Another friend just got the NAT portable and is so delighted with it!!!!!!! She hasn’t taken a bath in a couple of years because she didn’t want to soak in the chlorine. So, I showed her how to swish the portable in the tub and gave her a jar of my favorite bath salts. She just took her first bath and said her body was physically tingling all over and she felt in Bliss. Another Happy Water Baby.Gisele


My son notices the changes 

People have noticed a difference in how I look and have asked me what I am doing. I tell them I am drinking structured water. My 18 year old son calls it God Water. He was completely joking when he first said but what he told me what he meant is that it is amazing and God would want us to drink amazing water. Pretty smart for an 18 year old boy I think.Holly


Chris Singleton ESPN Host & Professional Baseball Player













Cobalt Blue Shower Head     

Installed the blue shower head yesterday which made my shower have 3x structured water which made the water feel like a caress… it was so soft! I’m really enjoying structured water showers, they help with pain relief so much! So wonderful!Elizabeth


Year into a makeover of my health & lifestyle changes

I am a year into a makeover of my health & lifestyle changes after watching The Truth About Cancer 2016 which opened my eyes to what I once knew but got dumbed down & taken over by big pharma. My health declined due to not one doctor sharing any health education with me – all just RX drug pushers. They sat back & watched my health decline. That is in the past. Now I’ve regained my confidence in my ability to get back to nature & structured water portable & showerhead totally kick started my healing. God Bless your teachings. I can’t get enough. ?. Hoping to get an under sink unit for my kitchen & another showerhead for guest bath where my bathtub is. I live in a condo so can’t do full house. ? interested in learning what being a distributor entails. There are none near me in Fort Myers, FL.
Thank you.
Hope i can stay awake for the call here on FL time!!! LOL

eamadison49@yahoo.comEllie Attonito


I love the structured shower head.

I can see the difference in my skin and my hair is unbelievably soft. The portable water unit is smaller than I expected and is time consuming to shake each time using it, however the outcome is worth the time in the long run. You can buy a cork plug at the hardware store for about .69 cents to cover the ends of the water unit so you don’t have to use your hand. The water taste great, I feel more energized throughout the day.Lisa R.


Hard to think about going back to regular water out the tap.

I bought the bundle pack which is a Shower Head and Portable. The delivery and customer service were superb. Arrived in less than 24 hours. Excellent product quality and visually pleasing. Very easy to keep clean. Installation and usage is simple even for someone as non-mechanical as me. It is amazing how noticeably different both the drinking and the shower water are. They have a freshness and aliveness. Hard to think about going back to regular water out the tap.David L.

Enjoying our first unit

We have chlorinated water and the smell and taste have been eliminated. My wife has digestive issues and shortly after the installation of my first unit, these issues disappeared and have not returned; go figure – no chlorine, no issue!”
– Chris Cozby

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Best Shower Ever
I have to tell you .. I just took my first shower with the shower head! It was amazing!! The best shower I’ve ever had LOL I love the feel of the water and the pressure is perfect!!! I love it!!! I also used the portable filter for my coffee this morning and it tasted so clean.. if that makes sense? It tasted delicious! So happy I found these products!! Thank you!

Retirement Village Structured Water
I just love my shower unit and my lovely device and I try my best to tell everyone here at my new unit at Eureka Retirement Village. I have more energy, more calmness, silky hair and skin.
I feel so good about not using plastic bottles and my plants are responding lovingly. I made a friend with a little bird on a rose plant and he stayed there while i drenched him with my spray bottle of “water.” He actually couldn’t fly away for a while because he loved the water!
Carol from Australia

Loves drinking water now

I would like to say thank you for this unit. We bought the under the sink unit and I have never drank so much water in my life. I love drinking water. My hair is better, healthier and so are my nails. My husband no longer feels thirsty all the time and we feel much better. I have told many of my friends and neighbors about our water and we also give them bottles of water to taste. Thank you so much. – Roy and Patricia, Colorado Springs, CO  


Saving money and the grass is greener

Since installing a Structured Water Unit in my yard sprinkler system earlier this year, several things have occurred. I was able to save water by watering less frequently and for shorter lengths of time. I only fertilized once this past summer, thus I saved on fertilizer expense and the grass is still greener, thicker and plusher than it has ever been at the end of the growing season. I am truly delighted with the Structured Water unit. – Bill Chester, Sandy, Utah