Susan Brauser, Co-Founder

Susan believes structured water is the key to achieving and maintaining optimum health.

Susan came to the world of natural and alternative healing through her personal experience with chronic Lyme Disease in 1989. For 30 years, she's had the opportunity to experience and witness first hand mainstream medicine and holistic healing. Having tried many healing modalities in her quest to regain health, she was successful in 1996. Bitten again in 2003, and also challenged by the illnesses of close family members, she delved deeper into alternative healing modalities and spiritual healing.

After achieving health and healing , the focus of Susan's search turned to understanding the basics of optimizing health. "With so much conflicting information available, it is very difficult to find the truth even when one is earnestly seeking it." After researching the vast array of products and services available, she found the key in water.

Gradient Ocean

"Hydration is the foundation upon which all health is built. This sounds easy but in today's world it is far from it. Structured water holds the key to achieving and maintaining optimum health.

Winifred Wager, Co-Founder

Winifred has been enjoying the benefits of structured water for decades, and is a true believer in Natural Action Technologies' products as a loyal customer. She is now committed to bringing the same benefits she's received to countless others.

Winifred was introduced to structured water in the mid 1990's. Her awareness of water’s amazing gifts expanded through studying Masaru Emoto’s experiments with water crystals and seeing the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know?”

In 1976, she was guided through a vision to become a goldsmith, and partnered with her teacher in creating one-of-a-kind 22k gold handmade pieces with precious stones using the classical techniques of ancient jewelry making. 

Winifred is a recognized healer, working with the alchemy of soul and spirit. After formal training in Shiatsu, she has assisted clients with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. She has studied many different healing modalities which are included in her eclectic practice of energy healing.

Bridge Over a Lake

"The beauty of the frozen water crystals are evidence of pure water's far reaching ramifications for humanity, the environment and the planet. Now in the 21st century ti is imperative for all living beings to come into balance and harmony. As we evolve into a deeper knowing of who we truly are, pure living water can bring us into that resonance."